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We has been involved in managing online reputation and acquiring reviews for more than 5 years.


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When confronted with negative reviews or a lack of reviews, your customers may overlook your value, qualities, and competitive advantage. Let’s provide them with reassurance!

As a retailer, restaurateur, or entrepreneur, you are well aware that the majority of customers who leave reviews are dissatisfied ones. Satisfied customers typically leave only a few reviews, creating an undeniable imbalance. It’s time to address this situation and restore equilibrium!


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Our reviews are not only 100% safe, but they are also permanent, meaning they will remain on your platform indefinitely. We provide a lifetime guarantee, ensuring that the reviews will not be removed or disappear over time. This guarantee gives you peace of mind, knowing that the positive feedback and reputation built through these reviews will be a lasting asset for your business.


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A selection of reviews from our highly valued customers

When we approached them, we were facing a severe reputation attack. However, 'Feedbackuno' swiftly responded and took immediate action. They efficiently restored our online presence within a matter of hours, effectively mitigating the damage caused.
Our team handles properties in the UK, and our customers rely on us to effectively manage their investments. That's why we place our trust in ' Feedbackuno ' We understand the importance of maintaining a positive online reputation and cannot afford any detrimental impact on our business.
We had prior experience with other review firms, but right from the beginning, it was evident that Feedbackuno stands apart. The exceptional outcomes they deliver speak volumes about their unique approach and expertise.
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